Our planet shows us many faces. Here are some of them, I had the chance to capture.

Sunset in New Zealand The sunset is reflecting in the still moist sand at low tide. Napiers, New Zealand
Volcanic Beach New Zealand is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, where continental and oceanic plates meet each other. This facilitates volcanic activities. The beach consists of black volcanic glass-sand giving it an unusual color.
snowbench The freezing cold wind has covered this bench with ice. But then the sun came out... Belchen, Black Forest, south-western Germany
Icerain Rain freezing to an apple tree. The flash light used here, lets the raindrops glow.
Valley A sunlit valley in the Southern Alps on the South Island of New Zealand.
Australia Rock formation close to Rotorua in New Zealand. Photographed straight upwards.
beach A lonely beach at the east coast of Australia.
bike in river An old and rusty bike in the river. Although this is generally speaking not created by nature, it has become a part of it. River Frome close to Bristol, UK.